Recovery is a journey – from mountain tops to islands.

The last few months have been difficult. I have been in & out of Emergency rooms. It took a mental toll on me. I am better now and on a road to recovery. What I didn’t realize was there will no magic pill, the one that would just make all the problems go away. I had to learn to be patient. I had to learn to not give up. And I had to learn that recovery is a long journey with its own ups and downs.

Along with my physical health and I have to recover my mental health. Take a break and just enjoy life. That is what my recent trip to Seattle was. I took a leap of faith and went on a trip with a dear friend and 3 strangers. It was difficult to believe that I will not end up an ER and actually have a good time. With little help from my loved ones, I went on.

Seattle is a beautiful city. As I waited for others to arrive, I went to explore the city on my own. My first stop was the Chuhuly gardens & glass museum.  It has a display of art pieces made out of glass. They are stunning and breath-taking. While I am not an art connoisseur, I did enjoy observing each piece. The bright colors and how each piece was molded. If you are ever in Seattle, I would highly recommend this place.

Art Piece inside Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum

Next I went on to explore different part of the city, but what I enjoyed most was stopping at Starbucks reserve. Enjoying some hot chocolate and a book to read. Just sitting there and not worrying about all the work I had to do but enjoy the moment. It was peaceful to not run around the city trying to finish a checklist but simply take a break. And for all the coffee-lovers, I would say stop by the Starbucks reserve and enjoy some unique flavored coffee.

Starbucks Reserve in Seattle

Once rest of the party was here, we drove to our hotel. It was great to meet up with new people and hear their stories. Throughout the trip I got to learn about their experience of moving to USA from home and about their love stories, which blended beautifully with the scenery in Washington State.

Our next stop was the North Cascade National Park. The best part being the Diablo lake, a beautiful sight. The pristine blue color and high winds reminded me of cheesy Bollywood love songs. With the whole music and flowing sarees, Diablo lake would be the perfect backdrop.

Diablo Lake at North Cascade National Park


As we looked at the maps and debate our next move, I overheard a conversation about glaciers. Having moved to San Diego from Maryland, I loved the idea of seeing snow. So we choose to hike the Cascade Trails. One can see the snow right from the parking lot. I just love looking at snow. We soon began our hike. This was the part I was scared about. Having been sick for months, I lost lot of muscle and knew I am not going to be able to hike the same as before. I wanted to give it a shot cause that is the only way you move forward. Sure I was slow and would tire easy but with each step I was regaining my lost confidence. At each mile marker, I felt happier as if I have won a point against the sickness.

On a clear day, the top of the hike would lead to stunning views of the glaciers. But it was just not our day. The weather was cloudy and the view was obstructed by clouds. While we didn’t get to see everything we hoped for, we still caught glimpses of snow. And if you ask me I choose hiking on a cloudy day than a sunny one. Also, we saw a beautiful small waterfall which made it worth while.

Small waterfall in North Cascade National Park

The next days were spent in Olympic National Park and I will save those stories for another day. What I would like to talk about is coming back to Seattle. Since my friends had already explored most of the cities on their previous trip. I suggested going to the Bainbridge Island. In my opinion, this was the best part of the trip.

We caught a ferry from downtown. And were soon rewarded with the front row view of the Seattle skyline. While many recommend Kerry Park for the view, I would recommend the ferry. It is impressive both day and night. Once we reached the island, we decided to get a bike. In the bike shop, we were welcomed by an elder man. What happened next was a deep and interesting conversation with a man who use to organize backpacking trips across north India. Sometimes the best part of a trip are quiet times and deep conversations with random people.

Seattle skyline

Anyway since it started raining, we had to modify our plans. Instead we choose to go window shopping. The island had some of the best shops with unique items that you don’t just get on amazon. Just walking around care-free and enjoying each others company was what gave me a much needed mental break. We ended up buying some exquisite earrings from Turkey. Our day ended with pizza and four scoops of ice-cream. And as we took the ferry back to Seattle, we enjoyed the dazzling skyline in night mode.

Seattle Skyline at Night

Seattle Skyline at Night

The reason I write this post today is to remind that recovery is a journey. Be if from health issues, financial issues, heart breaks or just about any problem, there are two things to sort. One the issue itself and the other mental health. Recovery of both is important. And while it won’t happen over night, it will happen. Take it one day at a time. Do things you enjoy – reading a book at starbucks, spending time with family or friends, solving a 100 piece puzzle, hiking a mountain or four scoops of ice-cream at an island. Find your thing and just do it. Give yourself a break and believe it will all be okay.

Lots of love,

Backpacking the Pinnacle

Winter bring a set of different adventures with itself. In the cold months of February, I set out on yet another adventure and a new experience. I went for a Backpacking trip with 9 strangers, led by trip leaders from UMD Adventure Group*.

Backpacking means carrying all you need – food, water and shelter – and set out to explore the nature on foot. We choose to hike the Pinnacle Trail Loop (part of the  Appalachian Trail) near Hamburg, Pennsylvania.

First on the list: Planning. We all met on a Tuesday evening to get to know each other and plan out a few details about the trip. Most of us being newbie needed a good lesson on what and how to backpack. The trip leaders did a great job on informing us of what to pack and how much of it, you don’t want to carry everything as you are the one who will be carrying it around the whole trek.

Now that I was well-equipped, it is time for the adventure to begin. We met on Saturday morning and drove from College Park, MD to Hamburg, Pennsylvania. The mountain threw a surprise our way, everything was covered in snow. It only made us more excited. With a snow-ball fight, filled-stomach and backpack on our shoulders, we began our journey.


Just a few steps in we were greeted by a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains. A perfect backdrop to connect with nature and make you feel alive. Continuing down the trail, we observed different trees and learned about their properties from one of our trip leaders. The snow-covered route was slowly and gradually proving to be a challenge and I admit I was a little too scared of slipping. But I was surrounded by a group of amazing people who kept me going.



The trail was serene and beautiful, you would occasionally hear the rivers flow but for most part it was silence. The kind that gives you a sense of inner peace and makes you think. Without the hassle of everyday life – study or work – you are answerable to no one but yourself. Your perception is changed and you have the opportunity to think of life as being alive and not just living.



After all the walking, we were rewarded by a beautiful sight from the top of the mountain. As far as the sight would go, you could see snow-covered farms. With having reach our view point, it was time to think about our next steps. Having covered half our trail, we had to plan the amount of trek to cover before we take shelter. We decide to cover the trek till the designated campsite, which would also bring us close to start point.


As the trek continued, I got a chance to talk to everyone and get to know all these interesting people. Each one had their own story, what excites them and what makes them. What excites them and what motivates them. As I will go on with my life, I will remember them by their excitement of life.


With the sun bidding us good-bye, we modified our plan. We choose to pick a close-by site, set up our camps and rest for the night. Now when I say rest, it is about bring out our food, cooking it together and eating all we can. We also set up a bonfire, to get warm and dry out our shoes. Note to self: invest in a real good pair of water proof shoes!


After a good night’s sleep, we packed our bags and took on the trail. In just a few hours, we had completed our hike and were on our way home. We stopped by the Hershey’s park, got our self some much-deserved chocolates and clean bathrooms. The journey was drawing to an end. As we drove back home, re-entering the city and its chaos, we were bringing back our own peace.

Down the slope

When the weather is so cold outside, you end up sticking to indoor activities and museums. But there is an activity that you can do in the cold: Skiing. I was interested but didn’t know anyone who did that and was scared to try it out on my own. I got a chance to explore the same with a trip to Roundtop Mountain Ski Resort in Pennsylvania organized by Graduate Student Life Monthly Social Series*.


First up, preparation. You do need to be dressed up in layers of thermals, ski pants and water-proof jackets. You are going to fall but you don’t want to get wet and cold. Next, if you have not done this before, you need to have some training. My trip package included a beginners class of about 90 minutes.

Once we entered the place, we got to rent out boots, helmet, ski & poles as part of the trip package. After gearing up, we went out on the ice and got ready for our beginners training. There was a small slope where we got to train and practice. The instructions were decent and it was quite difficult to pick up the skills.


With my little training and poor knowledge, I got on to the lift to try the beginner’s slope. In retrospect, it was not the best decision. My turning were not good so I decided to just go straight. And soon I realized I am only gaining momentum so I would just fall to stop myself. I did manage to get downhill without serious injuries but decided not to go again until I got better. However, it was really fun. The view was beautiful and the rush was ecstatic.



Little did I know that skiing is an extremely tiring sport which requires some serious skills. Overall, the ski trip was a new experience. I gained new respect for people into extreme sports, I got a good workout and made some new friends.

* Graduate Student Life is student body at University of Maryland – College Park that organizes social events for University of Maryland Graduate Students.

The Chocolaty world of Hershey’s

Hershey Park is an adventure theme park in Pennsylvania. You’ve got everything from thriller rides to water park rides plus a huge Hershey’s chocolate store. There is also a Boardwalk and Zoo in the vicinity.

Let’s start at the roller coaster rides, there are lots of them which are clearly marked from 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest thrill on the park map. My personal favorites were Fahrenheit and Sky Rush, each being equally adrenaline high ride. While Fahrenheit gave you the goosebumps for highest steep on your way down, Sky Rush gave you the whoop-whoop you are not sure where you are going feel.  There are about 13-14 high lot thrill rides which would take up your whole day. So the place definitely has lots to offer.

My trip was on a typical late summer weekend and I witnessed 10-15 min average wait time for most of them. The Hershey’s app is pretty useful and provides an accurate wait time listing. One of the highest wait time of the day was 45 min for Laff Track. It is an indoor roller coaster that has glowing images of circus characters popping at you while you ride. It was an average experience and not worth the wait.

There are multiple restaurants within park including a Subway when you want to grab a bite. The park also has various stand-alone carnival themed games where you could win cuddly cute soft toys while you wait for your food to settle in.

One can finish up the day at Hershey’s store where you get a ride of how famous chocolates like the Kisses are made. And you can then go around the shop buying some for yourself. They also have an option where you can get your name on the chocolate.

The sand, the water and the wind

Ocean City is a beach in Maryland, a 3 and half to four hour drive from College Park and a hot spot to beat the heat in Summer.

A long stretch of beach along with a boardwalk that is dotted with ice-cream shops. Being Summer time, it is pretty hot and one can’t imagine just sitting on the beach without a big umbrella beach. Carry or rent it out but a must to just sit on the beach.

However, the fun is in the water. On a good windy day, expect huge waves in a cold but not so chilly water. Once you go in, that is all you want to do. Just be in the water and move with the waves. The beach has designated spot to wash off the sand with some clean water in terms of open public showers. However, there are no changing rooms.

One can simply stroll along the boardwalk, probably in the late afternoon or evening when the sun is not so harsh and the view is picturesque. Along the walk, you will notice man-crafted structure of sand mostly carrying a social message.

After  a swim and a walk, anyone would get hungry. One can’t miss out on the smell of french fries sold out in big buckets with vinegar and salt on the side. Or just check out one of the many restaurants and ice-cream shops. Most have a minimum credit card usage limit, so it would be wise to carry cash.

Among other things: there are water sports, art shops and live art-making on the streets. All in all, it is a good place for a hot summer day to just gain back your energy for the upcoming week.

With love, Philadelphia

A two-and-half to three hours drive from College Park, Philadelphia is a beautiful city for a day outing. Known for its historic importance, one must check out the Independence hall and Liberty Bell. Then change the gear from history to romance by visiting the Love Park. A day in Philly would be incomplete without getting a picture at the iconic Rocky steps. Lastly, wind down the day at Penn’s Landing.

At the Pennsylvania Visitor Center

Philadelphia has lots to offer and most attractions are nearby, one can walk around or opt for a Philly PHLASH Bus Pass for a day at $5. A good place to start is Independence Visitor Center, you can get all the information you could need.

Independence Hall is a place of significant importance in American history as the Declaration of Independence was discussed here. One can simply visit the place or take a 30 minute tour, where volunteers give you a chronic description of the events that took place there. There are limited tickets per time slot and distributed at the Independence Visitor Center daily. There is an option to book it online.

Independence Hall

Independence Hall

Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell

Close-by you have the Liberty Bell Center, you can take pictures with the Liberty Bell and learn about it history. Next up is the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. A true beauty and an architectural maneuver.

Interiors of Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

Interiors of Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

After the Cathedral, walk or take the bus towards the Rocky stairs and enjoy the view. As you past the Logan circle, be sure to check out the flags of various country along the streets of Philadelphia. Rocky steps is famous for a shot in the movie series Rocky featuring Sylvester Stallone. Further to mark its importance, there is a statue at the bottom of the stairs, expect a long line of tourist before you can get your picture.

Statue of Slyvester Stallone as Rocky

Statue of Sylvester Stallone as Rocky

Rocky footprints at the entrance of Philadelphia Museum of Art

Rocky footprints at the entrance of Philadelphia Museum of Art

At the top of the stairs you have got a breath-taking view of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Rocky footprints and entrance to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. As mentioned before Philly is a city of love and here atop the stairs you’ve got yet another monumental structure – AMOR by Robert Indiana – meaning “Love” in Spanish and Latin.

AMOR meaning "Love" in Spanish and Latin; Outside Philadelphia Museum of Art

AMOR meaning “Love” in Spanish and Latin; Outside Philadelphia Museum of Art

After a tiring day strolling around the streets of Phily, one can just hit pause and enjoy the wind’s at Penn’s landing, a waterfront.

Penn’s Landing

Philadelphia is also a place to try out new food. A famous and must-try place would be Zahav serving modern Israeli cuisine with lots of vegetarian options. Delicious food, nice ambiance and good servers. Being this famous, it is indeed difficult to get a table so book a reservation in advance.

Picture with Top Chef Michael Solomonov at Zahav

Picture with Top Chef MICHAEL SOLOMONOV at Zahav

Caving at Whiting Neck, West Virginia

Caving, when I first heard the word, my brain conjured up the image of long wide cylindrical tunnels that lead to some underground space filled with bats and probably some ancient drawings on the wall. Lucky for me the description said another story.

At University of Maryland, each month there is an outdoor event conducted by Graduate Student Body. And that is how I came across the word caving and the experience that awaited me. With a curious mind and an adventorous spirit, I signed up for the trip.


The journey began with a drive from College Park to Sheperdstown in West Virginia. The cave has multiple entrances and exit points and to fulfill the promise of an exciting trip, our trip leader took us to the entry point that required us to crawl down a hole.


Once inside the cave, the temperature is more pleasant than the ouside chilly weather but it is also muddy, so heads up wear something you don’t mind getting dirty. It is also dark inside the cave, one would need tourches strapped on to their headgear.


Traveling inside the cave involves crawling, sliding through narrow paths and down the slope. It is a combination of difficult rock climbing and joyful sliding. There are parts with enough space to stand and places with just enough room to lie down.


There are various activities that can be done inside the cave. It starts with the milkshake challenge which requires you to go head first inside a small room formed within caves, turn yourself around like the way milkshakes are made in a mixer and come back out head first. As easy as it may sound, it is not. The place inside the room is very small. But don’t be dishearthen if you can’t do it as there is milkshake challenge part 2 which has is little bigger and easily done by anyone.


Other than the fun activites, I believe the experience is about going through small compact space where you can barely see beyond a few centimeters. A brain that is used to seeing the 110 degree view point faces a real challange with limited vision.


The entire experience is breath-taking. From knowing your physical capabilities to enjoy beautiful structures within earth.

Festive Lights

Nothing defines festivity more than lights, be it Diwali, Christmas or New Year’s. While the first night was spending watching fireworks at Alexandria, I decided to checkout ‘Zoolights‘ at Smithsonian National Zoological Park.


Zoo-lights was a month long event, where the entire zoo was covered in colorful lights. This was not a typical trees covered in light scenario, they had made animals & bird animations using lights. My personal favorite was frog leaping into a pond.

Parts of the zoo such as Great Apes and Reptile Discovery Center was open to public and certain regions were closed given the evening time. Most of the animals were asleep and cuddled up in blankets or in a corner. It was quite a delight to see animals in their sleeping state.


As part of the event, there was carousel and tubing tracks. Given the holiday season, there were also long lines of kids! The highlighted part of my visit was the animated movie projected on one of the walls. It was short film displaying the animated version of zoo animals singing the Christmas song.

A take on Cinderella

We all grow up reading the Cinderella, a girl who goes from working for her step-mom to becoming the queen of her kingdom. As kids all our stories had a moral, a lesson to preach. When I think about Cinderella, I can’t really think of one. Was it good things happen to good people eventually?

Last week I saw ‘Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella’, a broadway musical show at the National theater in Washington D.C.. I know the story, so my expectation was from the music, dance and yes, the dress. At the start it was a little difficult to make out the wording of the song but eventually it all came together.

This version of Cinderella had a few more characters, JEAN-MICHEL for one who is a revolutionary and wants to bring change in the way the kingdom is ruled. They showed a different side of Cinderella’s step-sister, who isn’t so hell bend on just finding a rich prince.

However, the most interesting change in the plot was Cinderella herself. She is not shown as a person who just wants to find a prince but someone who wants to find friends and move beyond a little corner table assigned by her step-mother.

The story is about a girl who knows she can get more in life, do more in life only if she has more confidence in herself. Just like Cinderella, we all in our life’s know that we have potential in us and we can do the things we want but it is not so easy to believe it is possible. We need a little push, from our own fairy god mother, to walk the path that leads us to our goal and we need our own mouse friends to play little roles that will help us along. And above all to give us the confidence that ‘it is possible’.

Move to College Park, MD, USA

From the very start, theme of this space has evolved to reflect my current state of mind. Not only has this space helped me fulfill my writing goal, it has pushed me to achieve rest of them. The initial purpose was to improve my writing skills my writing about any one of my interests, and now it has grown to include many more of them. My last post spoke about my one-year bucket list and I am proud to say that I accomplish a good number of those! One such goal was to pursue Robotics, and here I am University of Maryland doing masters in Robotics.

With the big move comes a big change, be on the look out!